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Alloy Tower Scaffold
Alloy Tower Scaffold

Alloy tower scaffolding is lightweight, quick & easy to erect & allows you to work safely at height. These towers have integral ladders, adjustable castors & can be supplied with stabilizers for extra support. Two base sizes are available & two lengths of platform:

Wear Appropriate GlovesWear Head ProtectionPick Up Required
Single Width Double Width
0.85m W x 1.6 or 2.4mL 1.45mW x 1.6 or 2.4mL

Alloy Tower Scaffold_22

Code Base SizeHeight 1 Day 2 Day 7 Day
DWT2L 1.6 / 2.4m2.2m £42.00Add £56.00Add £70.00Add
DWT3L 1.6 / 2.4m3.2m £51.00Add £65.00Add £85.00Add
DWT4L 1.6 / 2.4m4.2m £60.00Add £80.00Add £100.00Add
DWT5L 1.6 / 2.4m5.2m £69.00Add £92.00Add £115.00Add
DWT6L 1.6 / 2.4m6.2m £78.00Add £104.00Add £130.00Add
DWT7L 1.6 / 2.4m7.2m £87.00Add £116.00Add £145.00Add
DWT8L 1.6 / 2.4m8.2m £99.00Add £132.00Add £165.00Add
DWT9L 1.6 / 2.4m9.2m £105.00Add £140.00Add £175.00Add
DWT10L 1.6 / 2.4m10.2m £120.00Add £160.00Add £200.00Add
DWT11L 1.6 / 2.4m11.2m £126.00Add £168.00Add £210.00Add
DWT12L 1.6 / 2.4m12.2m £132.00Add £176.00Add £220.00Add

All prices exclude VAT