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Tip-Up Concrete Mixer
Tip-Up Concrete Mixer

Lightweight mixer which can be dismantled to fit into an estate car or large hatchback. Ideal for small concreting or plastering tasks. Mixes approx. 1 wheelbarrow full per load.

Wear Appropriate GlovesWear Suitable GogglesWear Breathing Mask FFP1Estate Car Required
240/110v Petrol
MIX BATCH OUTPUT: 90 litres 90 litres
GROSS DRUM VOLUME: 120 litres 120 litres

Tip-Up Concrete Mixer_125

Code PowerWeight 1 Day 2 Day 7 Day
MX 240/110v57kg £21.00Add £28.00Add £35.00Add
MX Petrol61kg £24.00Add £32.00Add £40.00Add

All prices exclude VAT