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Safety Solutions

Safety Solutions - Safety Kit

Safety Solutions
Noise Meter Product Name

Noise Meter

For quick check of sound levels in various environments.

Man Riding Tripod & Winch Product Name

Man Riding Tripod & Winch

Lightweight portable Tripod with 50m winch for access/rescue in confined space. Can be supplied with Fall Arrest Retrieval Block. Safe working load for Man Riding Winch - 136kg Material Handling loads - maximum 200kg

Full Body Safety Harness & Fall Arrest Block Product Name

Full Body Safety Harness & Fall Arrest Block

Full Body Safety Harness with dorsal D and Retractable Lanyard for basic fall protection. Chest, shoulder & leg adjustments. For use where minimal weight is required.

Intrinsically Safe Torch Product Name

Intrinsically Safe Torch

ATEX approved for zones 1 & 2, fully water and dust proof design.

Breathing Apparatus Product Name

Breathing Apparatus

2 versions available (10 & 15 min) designed for emergency evacuations.

EZI-DIG Product Name


The EZI-DIG is the worlds first excavator mounted buried service avoidance system. The unique EZI-DIG features: l Real time warning as you dig l Keeps the operator alert to localised threats l Increased asset protection l Safer Excavation Projects

Service Trace Wire Product Name

Service Trace Wire

Used in conjunction with the Cable Generator, to induce an electrical current enabling detection in underground drains by a C.A.T.

Signal Clamp Product Name

Signal Clamp

Used in conjunction with a Signal Generator, the Signal Clamp applies a signal safely to a pipe or live cable up to 76mm diameter without interrupting the supply.

Property Connection Cable Set Product Name

Property Connection Cable Set

Cable Set used to connect signal from Signal Generator into property power cables

Signal Transmitter Mouse Product Name

Signal Transmitter Mouse

The mouse is a battery powered transmitter that attaches to drain rods. It can then be threaded down a drain pipe, duct or sewer and will transmit a signal allowing precise location by the CAT.

Signal Generator Product Name

Signal Generator

This tool is used in conjunction with the CAT for tracing non-live wires, cables and pipes. Simply attach to an exposed area of cable etc and the Generator will transmit a pulse detectable by the CAT.

Cable Avoidance Tool (CAT) Product Name

Cable Avoidance Tool (CAT)

The CAT detects underground live cables. It is lightweight and easy to use.

Line Marker Product Name

Line Marker

Wheeled trolley for spray painting lines on car parks, warehouses and factory floors etc.

Gas Monitor Product Name

Gas Monitor

Portable Gas Monitor with easy to read backlit graphic display for gas readings.