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Sanitary Solutions

Sanitary Solutions - Our Range

Sanitary Solutions

"We have the facility to supply just one for a small private party, or more than 100 for a large show or event..."

YHC Sanitary Solutions - Temporary Toilets

Temporary Toilet
  • These fine quality, self-contained portable toilets require no mains drainage or water connection.
  • They are flushable supplied with wash hand basins, mirrors, coat hooks and toiletries.
  • Ideal for weddings, parties, fetes, carnivals etc.

YHC Sanitary Solutions - Disabled Units

  • Self contained units, supplied complete with a ramp, hand rails and toiletries.

YHC Sanitary Solutions - Urinal Units

Urinal Unit

When ever you have a large number of people at an event there is nothing worse than queuing for the toilet! Why not consider hiring a six man urinal block to alleviate the problem.

YHC Sanitary Solutions - Hot Water Facilities

Temporary Toilet
  • Hands free operation, by simply waving your hand in front of the infra-red switch.
  • Operates on demand, 20 seconds flow of hot water.
  • Water Temperature: 40 - 43°c
  • Full Protection by RCD & MCB.
  • Meets HSE requirements for Hand Wash Facilities on site! (BEAB Approved to EN335/2/35) CE Product Conformity and BSI Tested for Strength & Impact.
  • Hot Water Hand wash facilities, all you need is a 240v supply, OR 3.5KVA Generator, which can connect a POWER BREAK system, in-line, for safety purposes.

The Construction Health, Safety Welfare (CHSW) Regulations 1996, Regulation 22S set out the basic legal requirements for washing facilities, and are as follows:

These should be suitable and sufficient and sited in the immediate vicinity of toilets, whether or not they are provided elsewhere:

Basins large enough for people to wash hands, face and forearms, a supply of clean hot & cold or, warm water, soap or other means of cleaning, towels or other means of drying.

"Running hot/warm water should be available on demand at a sink or wash trough. Refillable boilers DO NOT provide a suitable source of hot water to wash off contaminants such as cement.

HSE Inspectors will be looking for temperature controlled water heaters to be provided."